Welcome to Sartor!

We specialize in high-quality silk and linen fabrics. Why should you choose Sartor?

I. Fair Play

We purchase directly from manufacturers. Our customers do not pay unreasonably high prices - no commissions to third parties.

II. Full flexibility

None of our fabrics has the pattern you are looking for? Can’t you find the exact right color? Is your favorite fabric not in stock? Will you order over 25 m? In such case we can weave the fabric for you! Read more here

III. Only the best for our customers

The quality of our fabrics is strictly controlled. In production, we look for the exclusive use of natural materials and we check the quality of each of them in practice. Sartor is not just a fabric shop, but also a studio for custom tailoring. We ourselves sew, so we know exactly what we work with and what we offer.

IV. Expert advice

We are happy to advise how to work with and how to take care of our materials.

Sartor Boutique