About the authors


Marcela, co-owner of Sartor

I love to dream of all the things Sartor could become. I’m never bored and can’t stand to hear “it can’t be done.” I have spent most of my adult life abroad and speak five languages. Born and raised in Czechoslovakia, I studied in Germany, worked in China, and have lived in the USA and Spain. I’m proud of our internal “sartorial” team and work tirelessly to build a stable network of premium direct suppliers based on personal contact. I have a love of fine fabrics, an abiding interest in technology, and a particular fascination for manual craftsmanship.



Zuzana, co-owner of Sartor

Back in high school, casting around for material to sew historical costumes and daydreaming of selling beautiful fabric in my own little shop, it never occurred to me that my dream would one day come true and that Sartor would go so far. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved sewing and making pretty dresses. Equipped with a gift for languages, I’ve taken sewing courses all over the world in addition to my degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague, so it’s probably no surprise that I have a passion for complicated cuts, complex garment construction, demanding bridal gowns, and historical corsets. At the moment though, there’s not much time for sewing, because I’m so busy running the shop and thinking up ways to make Sartor serve you better.



Ada, copywriter

I grew up in a household where a love of fashion, beautiful fabrics, and craftsmanship were a part of everyday life. Since then, I’ve acquired expertise as a seamstress in my own right, a skill I draw upon in my work as a professional copywriter. I’m the author of the book Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Fashion and the founder of the blog Fashion Hell. Most recently I’ve turned my energies to making sure that Sartor’s website offers the very best articles and product information possible.




This site wouldn’t be the same without the help of our international team.


Beth, English copywriter

A native of Chicago, I came to Czechoslovakia shortly after the Iron Curtain fell for a two-year stint. Years and events conspired to bring me backand today I live and work in the wilds of northern Bohemia. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with words and one of the things I love about translating is that I’m always learning something new. As a part of Sartor’s web team I reformulate articles, tips, and information for an English-speaking audience.



Anna, German copywriter

Living abroad for a number of years I got to know a lot of different cultures and people. Professionally, I work in e-commerce, where I act as technical support for various online sellers. It’s a field where things are changing all the time, with new functions and possibilities developing practically overnight, and I love that I learn something new every day. Working on translations for Sartor has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know an online shop from the otherside. It’s incredibly exciting wrestling with the subtleties of the language in this multilingual team, trying to pin down the “perfect” translation for each country. What’s more,I get to learn so much about the exciting world of Sartor fabrics..