Terms and Conditions

1. Cancellation policy

A customer may cancel his order until two hours after placing the order by sending a cancellation request via email. The email must be sent to sartor@sartor.cz with a keyword "CANCELLATION" stated in the subject of the email. If the order has already been paid by the customer and the customer sends a cancellation request inside the 2 hour period, the money will be refunded to his bank account via direct bank transfer. If the customer sends a cancellation request after the two hour period, the cancellation will only be accepted in a case of a prior agreement made with the buyer and we reserve the right to decline such cancellation requests.

2. Return policy

In case of dissatisfaction with an item purchased from our shop, the item may be returned until 14 days after its delivery in accordance with the § 53 of act no. 40/1964 of Czech Legal Code. The item must be in its original unused and undamaged condition to be returned and and the original invoice must be included in the package.

The money paid for the purchased item including the shipment costs will be returned to the customer after the return of the item. The costs of processing the return will be deducted from the money returned in accordance with § 53 sub-clause 10 of act no. 40/1964. The proccesing costs are set to a fixed amount of 100 CZK. The buyer bears the costs of return shipment to the shop.

Return policy does not apply to items that have been modified according to the customer's order making them unsalable further on, such as custom made clothing or small cut fabrics. Customer will be refunded the price of a fabric cuts up to 5 m per piece with a deduction of 10%.

14 day return policy for cases of dissatisfaction with an item does not apply to items that have been personally inspected by the customer, those are the items purchased personally in our shop.

If the case is that the customer ordered an unsuitable item due to insufficient description, low quality photo and the like, the purchase cost will be refunded to him in full.

We reserve the right to decline a request for return or replacement of an item made after the 14 day period or of an item taken over personally in the shop by the customer. We accept the item only if approved by the shop manager and we reserve the right to state the conditions of such return (typically a return of the purchase cost with 10 to 20% deduction).

In case an order is made with personal pick up and payment in cash options chosen, such order is understood to be only a non-binding reservation with a possibility to change the chosen item or cancel the order if such a request is raised before the actual pick up and purchase of the item. The customer will be given sufficient time to inspect the item before he opts for the actual purchase. Chosen fabric cut will be cut only in personal presence of the customer. The 14 day return policy for cases of dissatisfaction with an item does not apply in cases if personal inspection and purchase of the item.

Items may be returned to the address of the shop:

Karmelitská 14
118 00 Praha 1

3. Warranty claims

24 moths warranty starting from the purchase date (as stated in the invoice) applies to all our items. It covers defects or damages resulting from a faulty manufacture or poor material discovered during the warranty period. The warranty does not cover wear and tear and damages resulting from inappropriate use.

For warranty claims, items must be sent to our address (Karmelitská 14) together with the purchase invoice. The warranty claim will be proccessed in a period of 30 days. After inspection of the item, multiple options for satisfying the claim will be proposed to the customer, including a money refund, item discount or repair.

Warning: We recommend only dry-cleaning for all fabrics with silk content purchased in our shop, the customer bears all the responsibility for water wash of such items. Suggested hand wash method is only a recommendation and the method must be safely tried out and mastered beforehands. We disclaim any responsibility for wrong washing and ironing of the items. The damages sustained as a result of water wash are not accountable for.

The detailed warranty claim procedure is described here.

Damaged parcel

If a damaged, torn, unwrapped and/or opened parcel is delivered via postal service, take over the parcel and raise a warranty claim at the local post office in 24 hours after taking over the parcel. The shipping company bears all the responsibility for a damaged parcel including any compensation for the item damaged. Parcels dispatched via Czech Post such as parcels handed over in person or parcels delivered to the local post office or parcels delivered via PPL service are insured in full order price. Other Czech Post dispatches are insured up to 800 CZK.