Delivery And Payment Terms

1. Shipping conditions

We ship worldwide. After registering and placing some items to your shopping cart, the website will calculate the shipping fee to your country. If your country isn't listed in our list, please contact us at

Orders are usually processed within 1-3 business days. You will receive an email when the package is shipped so that you can prepare for delivery.

Carriers & Delivery times

  1. Czech Post (Česká pošta) - Traditional postal service, your order will be delivered with your national postal service. You can pick it up in your local post office. The shipping takes about a week for EU destinations, 2-3 weeks for other destinations. Smaller packages usually ship faster than big ones. Tracking number is available upon request.
  2. DHL (Deutsche Post DHL) - a faster alterative to classical mail, this excellent courier service provides a fast and safe delivery to your home or office. Note that the delivery usually takes place in working hours, so make sure somebody will be at home or choose your work's address for delivery. The courier will contact you before delivering so you will be able to discuss optimal delivery time. You will automatically receive a tracking number when the order is shipped. Only available for EU members. Delivery times:
    1. Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia - 2 days
    2. Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands - 2-3 days
    3. France, Italy, UK - 3 days
    4. Ireland, Sweden - 3-4 days
    5. Finland, Spain - 3-5 days
    In some destinations (AT, DE, EE, ES, FI, HU, IE, LT, LV, PL, PT, SE) package might be delivered with local partner of DHL.
  3. Fedex priority - the fastest service we offer, 1 day delivery for Europe, 1-2 day delivery for the rest of the world. We offer only Fedex for non-EU members due to customs clearance procedures. For EU-members, we recommend Fedex if you need your order very fast, or your package is very small. Fedex economy is an option for larger packages, but its delivery time is not guaranteed, it may take about one week to deliver. Attention: Occasionally, Fedex has a surcharge for "out of reach" destinations, such as islands, adresses in small villages etc. In such cases, we might ask you for additional shipping charge.
  4. Geis - a courier service delivering usually via GLS or DPD, depending on the country of destination. Delivery times are not guaranteed but these are the usual times based on the country of destination:
    1. Germany - 2 days
    2. Belgium, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria - 2-3 days
    3. Denmark, Netherlands, France, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, UK - 3 days
    4. Finland, Ireland, Spain - 4 days

Note - larger quantities of material (from 20-30 m) are usually send on the roll. Rolls can only be transported by Geis.

Approximate delivery charges

These charges are just rough estimates to give you a clue about the shipping cost. You will see the exact shipping cost based on weight during checkout, before confirming your order. Prices are including 21% VAT.


Weight < 0.5 kg < 1 kg < 2 kg
Meters (estimate) 2 m 5 m 10 m
EU 10,5 EUR
15,3 EUR
23,6 EUR



Weight < 2 kg
Meters (estimate) 10 m



11,9 EUR

7,4 EUR




Weight < 0.5 kg < 1 kg < 2 kg < 5 kg
Meters (estimate) 2 m 5 m 10 m 25 m
Europe 16 EUR
21 EUR
32 EUR
64 EUR
USA, Canada $ 23 $ 35 $ 48 $ 80
Australia $ 25
$ 45 $ 64
$ 107



Weight <1 kg < 30 kg
Meters (estimate) 5 m 150 m
12 EUR
13,5 EUR
Poland 14 EUR 16 EUR
UK, France, Italy 21 EUR
24 EUR
Hungary, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria
16 EUR
19 EUR
other EU members 25 EUR 28 EUR

Not received your package?

EU-members: You should receive the package in around 2-10 days. If you haven't received the package in 10 days, please immediately inform us and we will send you the tracking number and try to find out what happened.

Non EU members: The shipping takes usually more than one week, but less than 3 weeks. Small packages are delivered faster than large ones. If you don't receive the package after 3 weeks, immediately contact us.

Please note: It might happen that the tracking number supplied by us is unknown in your local post office. The tracking number is ususally renumbered in your major post office (usually in the capital city). Please contact the post call center to find out your country's equivalent number.

2. Payment conditions

  1. Paypal - a safe and fast way for online payments. You don't have to own a Paypal account, all you need to do is put your credit card details on the field below the login.
  2. Credit card - fast and easy online payment processed by a secure GPwebpay gateway. We will see your payment immediately and dispatch your order followingly. We only accept USD and EUR payments. You can pay by credit card even if your domestic currency is different (such as Poland - zloty), but you have to switch to EUR or USD before ordering.
  3. Bank transfer -it takes longer to process and your bank might take some fees. Do count with 1-2 day delay when using bank transfer. Polish customers can pay in zloty by bank transfer to our polish bank - if you make an order in PLN, you will be emailed our polish bank accout number and payment instructions.

VAT-registered customers in EU: If you have a VAT-number and want to pay with 0% VAT, let us know after you have registered at our website. We will check your VAT number and track you as a 0% VAT customer. You will then be able to order online directly without VAT.

Non-EU customers: You will be charged no VAT fee, but note that your country might charge taxes and customs fees when the package arrives.