Color Palette

We have come up with our own color range which shows the most usual colors of our fabrics. We sort our fabrics by color following this palette. We also use it for naming the color shades. Since recently we assign each fabric a color shade from this palette which is closest to the real one. This will help you looking for a specific shade by filtering the fabrics by desired color in given category.

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The many faces of rayon

Rayon is a wide-spread and very popular material. It is comfortable, easy to care for, and comes in many forms. This variety is where the confusion begins. What, for example, is the difference between modal and Tencel? How is rayon made from bamboo different from other kinds of rayon, and what are its benefits? Is there a difference between viscose and rayon?

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Fabric on Demand - Material Catalogue

None of our fabrics has the pattern you are looking for? Can’t you find the exact right color? Is your favorite fabric not in stock? Will your order be over 25m? In such case we can weave the fabric for you!

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Underbust Drafting Tutorial

A visual guide to Marianne Faulkner's underbust drafting tutorial from Foundations Revealed

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2020 events calendar

Each year we make the rounds of events and trade fairs all over the world, and 2020 will be no different. So if you’d like to see our fabrics up close and personal but can’t make it to our shop in Prague, why not visit us on the road in the USA, Italy, France, or Germany..

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Wheeling and dealing… in silk cocoons

The hall explodes in frenzied activity as brokers rush to buy and sell. Deals are struck. Fortunes are made. But we’re not on Wall Street. And it’s not stocks and bonds trading hands… It’s silkworm cocoons. Welcome to the great cocoon market in Karnataka, where our Indian silks begin their journey to you.

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