Silk blend velvet, green

Reference : 101-64-0012

A light, fluid velvet fabric made of natural silk and rayon.

More details

  • Colour : _ 225 - green
  • Drape : very supple
  • Fiber Content : 22% silk, 78% rayon
  • Weave : plátnová
  • Weight mm (mommes) is a japanese weight unit used for silk fabrics. 1 mm = 4,33 g/m2. : 165 g/m2
  • Width : 114cm / 45 in
  • Meters in stock: 36.8     Watch availability

$ 35.48 / m ( $ 29.30 / m without VAT )

Quantity discount

  • more than 10 m (-5%)
  • more than 20 m (-10%)


This supple velvet fabric brings together two very fine, soft fibers: The base is silk, the pile rayon. This combination makes a light, breathable, easy-to-wear fabric with a slinky, fluid drape (especially when compared to ordinary cotton velvet, which can be quite stiff). It plays with light beautifully. Its matte surface catches reflections, which looks great in gently shirred garments.

Silk velvet makes beautiful tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, kimonos, scarves, and throws. It looks fabulous shirred, cut on the bias, draped in cowl necklines, and wrapped around the body.

Working with velvet requires some experience. To add body, use one of our finer linings such as pongee, habotai, or voile.

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Care: We recommend dry cleaning this fabric at a reliable dry cleaner. Washing may cause the fine plush to tangle and break. If you must iron velvet, never do so on a hard surface; instead, steam iron while hanging from the back side.

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