Lining fabrics are an important part of your gown. They help your dress, jacket, coat or skirt last longer, drape better and feel more comfortable. As the material between you and your garment, lining fabrics should be smooth, soft and breathable while strong and durable enough. Nowadays most lining materials you encounter are polyester or when lucky acetate fabrics. Our offer brings more luxurious option of pure silk and silk cotton blended fabrics suitable for your unique wear. Habutai and silk cotton blends are popular as lightweight linings for jackets, trousers and dresses, while for evening wear silk organza is a good choice if you want a crisp volumizer. To avoid shrinkage washing prior sewing is recommended.

Silk habotai, champagne

Reference : 101-04-0126

A light, airy silk fabric with a slight sheen.

More details

  • Colour : _ 110 - powder pink
  • Drape : supple
  • Fiber Content : 100% silk
  • Weave : plátnová
  • Weight mm (mommes) is a japanese weight unit used for silk fabrics. 1 mm = 4,33 g/m2. : ~ 10m/m / 45g/m2
  • Width : 111 cm
  • Meters in stock: 35.8     Watch availability

$ 19.09 / m ( $ 15.76 / m without VAT )

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  • more than 10 m (-5%)
  • more than 20 m (-10%)
  • more than 50 m (-15%)
  • more than 100 m (-20%)


Silk habotai is a fine, smooth, breathable fabric, pleasant against the skin, that holds its shape fairly well. These qualities make it an excellent lining for light garments, such as blouses, dresses, formal jackets, and kimonos.Try it as a stand-alone material in accessories such as scarves and kerchiefs, or for blouses, tops, and tunics–just remember that it is fairly sheer. Habotai is an excellent fabric for silk painting.

Habotai drapes well–it is not as fluid as crêpe de Chine or chiffon, yet not so stiff as organza. It tends rather to form soft folds and attractive billows. It is easier to cut and sew than fabrics like chiffon and crêpe de Chine, making it a good choice for intermediate sewers.

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Care: We recommend dry cleaning this fabric at a reliable dry cleaner. In our tests this fabric stood up to gentle hand washing. If you risk hand washing, use lukewarm water and a delicate detergent for woolens; do not wring or squeeze dry; block dry on a flat surface. Dry iron on the lowest setting. Avoid water droplets.

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