Wild Silk

Here you will find all silk fabrics reeled from fibers of other moths then the mostly and wholly indoor-domesticated Bombyx mori. Wild silks are semi-domesticated in the outdoors. The most widespread is tussah or tasar silk which is typical for its dark golden color. Mugi silk is a rare regional Indian specialty while the white silk eri is another widespread one. Eri silk is sometimes called „peace silk“ * – which is when the production process ensures that the worm is not killed inside the cocoon.

* Peace silk is a controversial term. Although the worm is not cooked or smoked inside of the cocoon advocating non-violence and respect of life, its destiny is sealed anyway. Either the moth dies of hunger because due to its cultivation it is too heavy to fly and seek for food itself or it in some areas it is gathered by rural tribes as a valuable source of protein in their food. In any case the price of peace silk is always higher because one must wait additional two weeks for the worm to grow and/or transform into a moth.


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