Crushed linen cotton blend, ivory

Reference : 104-04-0078

A light, crushed muslin made of two classic natural materials – linen and cotton. Very fine, with a loose weave, perfect for layering in fly-away styles. Very sheer and airy.

This fine, diaphanous muslin is a great choice for airy, summer clothes, but it also looks great in interior design (billowing, barely-there curtains that you can tell are all-natural at first glance). The matte surface, with its subtle crushed texture, is perfect for romantic, rustic, and minimalist interiors.

This linen cotton blend is soft and comfortable with none of the scratchiness of some pure linen fabrics. The fabric is very sheer – use a lining or embrace its sheerness in layered effects. It is lovely in dresses, tunics, blouses, and scarves and kerchiefs too. It takes dye well; use any dye for cotton fabrics.

Our crushed linen cotton blend can be used in some historical dresses and accessories (empire gowns, dainty ladies’ handkerchiefs, summer wraps).

We recommend pre-shrinking before sewing.

Care: Wash at 40°C on a gentle program to prevent damaging the fine, loose weave. After laundering hang to dry so that the garment falls into shape naturally. To maintain its crushed look, avoid ironing.

  • Colour : _ 010 - Ivory
  • Drape : slightly supple
  • Fiber Content : 50% linen, 50% cotton
  • Shrinkage : 3–10%
  • Weave : plátnová
  • Weight mm (mommes) is a japanese weight unit used for silk fabrics. 1 mm = 4,33 g/m2. : ~ 12m/m / 52g/m2 (10-14m/m)
  • Width : 130 cm / 51 in
  • Meters in stock: 26.7     Watch availability

$ 7.95 / m ( $ 6.57 / m without VAT )

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