We offer a wide range of dupioni and shantung fabrics in different weights, widths and textures. Fabrics are often weaved from yarns of two different colors leading into beautiful iridescent effects. Douppioni is an elegant fabric in plain weave woven from yarns of douppioni silk. Filling yarns form characteristic irregular crosswise ribs. Fabric is light to medium weight with a rough uneven texture and a dull luster. It is usually dyed brillinat colors. These fabrics hold their shape and resist to wrinkles. Shantung is similar to douppioni but lighter and a bit more flowing then douppioni. It still has the characteristic crosswise ribs but the surface is much smoother then on douppioni. Please pay attention to the detail characteristics of each fabric.

Dupioni w/ Slubs, Light Ivory, DEFECTS

Reference : 101-34-0054

Uneven cross structure of fine warp and strong irregular weft yarns is typical for dupioni.

More details

  • Colour : _ 010 - Ivory
  • Defect type : weave defects
  • Drape : stiff
  • Fiber Content : 100% silk
  • Weight mm (mommes) is a japanese weight unit used for silk fabrics. 1 mm = 4,33 g/m2. : ~ 19m/m / 82g/m2 (18-20m/m)
  • Width : 136 cm
  • Meters in stock: 14.1     Watch availability

Price lowered! $ 31.04 / m (-10%) $ 27.93 / m ( $ 23.09 / m without VAT )


Dupioni is not a flowing fabric, on the contrary it drapes very well like taffeta. It is suitable for rich skirts, sheath dresses, jackets, suits, corsets and even extravagant blouses. Dupion is also a favourite in interior design being used for fancy pillows, lampshades, screens, curtains, etc. or as an original material of women's accessories.

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