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Ohlasů našich zákazníků si velice ceníme. Kritiky si vážíme jakožto podnětů ke zlepšení a Vaše děkovné maily nám dodávaji elán a radost z práce. Děkujeme za Vaši přízeň.

sestry Marcela Marín Kraemerová a Zuzana Kraemerová


The silk has arrived. It is fantastic! Wonderful :)

Colin, 4.5.2017, UK

I have used Sartor on three occasions now, each time with great satisfaction, for their product range is unlike any I have ever seen on any online site or physical fabrics store. The first time I fell in love with a piece of brocade at first sight at a medieval fair, and two times did I order from their site and was no less impressed with the quality of the fabrics. I will be using Sartor for years to come and warmly recommend it to anyone that needs unique hard to find silks and brocades for costumes.

Thomas, 8.12.2016, Denmark

Dear SARTOR! Your fabric is a fantastic!  I like it! Thanks for the order and help with delivery!

Alexandra, 18.12. 2015, RU

I ordered some of this on 2/16; it's 2/28 and it came today (fast service, from Czechoslovakia to Albuquerque, New Mexico, I'd say). It's gorgeous: far, far better than in the picture. It shimmers. I'll be displaying it with my (mostly) repro 16th century sewing and tailors' tools at the Albuquerque Renaissance Fair in April.

Kathleen, 28.2. 2014, USA

Děkuji za pomoc. Už jsem začala propadat panice, že jediný obchod, který nabízí tak úžasné věci, mě vypeče a já tak zůstanu u acetátových humusů.

Lenka, 14.12. 2013


I just wanted to thank you both so much for working with me to acquire the beautiful lion and eagle fabric. It shipped quickly and I've come to realize excellent customer service is the norm for you. I'm sure you'll soon have more historical textiles to tempt me. I wish you much success and look forward to buying more of your exquisite fabrics.

Andra, 19.12. 2013, USA

The lovely silk arrived today - it is so beautiful! Thank you for making these fabulous textiles in patterns that one otherwise only sees in museums. I sit and just stare at it with a big smile on my face.

Leonie, 30.11. 2013, UK


One week ago I received the linen textiles I bought from you and I wanted to say very big thanks - these materials are extremely good and very beautiful, much better than I expected! I will be soon back on your web-page ready to make another order :-) !

Marii, 27.10. 2013


It was just delivered, and it's even more beautiful than I expected!  Thanks so much.

Liz, 4.10.2013, USA


Warmest regards from a very happy customer. My fabric arrived today and it is so amazing and so much better than I could possibly have imagined. Thank you so much for both the amazing customer service and the awesome fabric. I will be recommending you to everyone. When you have the Eleanor of Toledo fabric ready I will be buying some of that too. Thank you again :)

Kim, 24.9. 2013, Australia

Dear Marcela, the package did well arrive. The fabrics are beautiful. Thank you for your good care :) Kind regards

Isabelle, 11.7. 2013, Belgium

Got it today :D Fantastic textiles!!!!

Alexander, 5.6. 2013, Sweden

Latka je uzasna!! a vsechny damy byly nadsene - vcetne me. Bohuzel prijela pozde, a tak se saty teprve siji. Vsechno zle je ale k necemu dobre, a tak jsme si rekly, ze „prijezd“ pani Polyxeny bude dobrym lakadlem k public relation vystavy.

PhDr. Duňa Panenková, 9.5. 2012, výstava "Pernštejnové a jejich doba"

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